Return Policy

Your GCHT Gaming products are covered by a limited product warranty (Limited Warranty) for the 1-year period following the original date of purchase (Warranty Period). If there is a functional problem with your GCHT Gaming products, and a valid warranty claim is received by GCHT Gaming within the Warranty Period, you will be entitled to a replacement of the product purchased.

This Limited Warranty is non-transferable and covers only the original end purchaser of the applicable GCHT Gaming Products. Proof of purchase in the form of the original purchase receipt or package is required for warranty validation and service. Warranty claims must be made directly to GCHT Gaming. GCHT Gaming reserves the right to inspect the product and determine whether it is defective in functional or not. If we find that the product has the functional problem, we shall at no charge to you replace the product at our discretion, and have the right to keep the defective ones. You are responsible for shipping costs, but there is no charge for the inspection. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidental drops, misuse, abuse, tampering, modification, or breakage due to improper care.

GCHT Gaming is not responsible for damages resulting from any breach of warranty including but not limited to loss of use, loss of revenue, and loss of anticipated profits. Any alteration, change, modification, or repair (other than replacement of a replaceable component) made to the product by a party other than GCHT Gaming will void this warranty.

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