GCHT GAMING SP 5078 Joy-Con Controller

Product title:GCHT GAMING SP 5078 Joy-Con Controller

Model:SP 5078 Controllers

【Perfectly Compatibility】-Compatible for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite as a Replacement for Joy Cons wireless game controller,support both wireless connection and wired connection.NOTICE: Do not match with official joy con Grips.【Multipl...

product details:

  •  [Perfect Replacement for Joycon] Are you still worrying about finding high-performance Switch Joypad Controllers? Our wireless controllers are compatible with Nintendo Switch/Lite/Switch Oled. The high-performance and full-featured GCHT handle will give you a better experience in the game! Our controller supports up to 7 simultaneous connections to the switch host. Will not let you miss sharing happy time with friends/family, very suitable for family entertainment and group games.  

  • [Support Wireless and Wired Functions] The unique slot design helps protect your Switch and is easy to install and remove. The joypad controllers can wake up the Switch host with one button and supports automatic reconnection. Using the latest wireless technology to provide strong anti-interference and reliable signals, you can enjoy the game without delay!  

  • [Macro Definition & Turbo Function] This high-performance controller has programmable macro and Turco functions. It can realize one-key automatic combo by recording key combo, making the game more fun. The turbo function of the controller supports automatic and semi-automatic modes, and fast, medium and slow adjustment. Use the Turco function to release your finger pressure!  

  • [Dual Vibration and Precise Motion Control] Switch Joypad controller supports dual motor vibration and gyro axis functions. It has 6-axis gyro somatosensory and motion control functions, providing a real and stimulating gaming experience; feel every impact through the vibration double shock response. Precise motion control, when you tilt, push and shake the controller, the characters and objects in the game will respond.  

  • [Ergonomic Design, Replaceable 3D Joystick] GCHT Joypad provides a variety of surprises to players; unique grip and ergonomic design, and replaceable high joystick to give your palm and fingers a comfortable space. By changing the height of the joystick, it can be adapted to the hands of all kinds of people. The built-in battery in each controller only needs 3 hours of charging time to provide 10-20 hours of game time!  

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